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The museum shop offers a range of interesting gifts and souvenirs for visitors or to be purchased on-line. The shop is maintained by volunteers with proceeds to the upkeep of the museum.

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This traditional game has its roots in Mexico and is very popular in Spanish speaking countries, where it is known as boilche. King Henry III of France loved the game and was often seen playing in public. They were most popular in the 18th and 19th Century. The aim of the game is to hoist the ball into the air and with the same hand catch the ball using the wooden cup...sounds easy? It often takes hours of practice to master...can you do it?

Boliche / Cup-and-Ball           £1.50 + postage
Made from real leather, these are high quality keyrings. The colours range are red, blue, orange, purple, yellow and black, all printed with a golden sketch of Y Cwm.

Leather Printed Keyring
    £1.75 + postage
The “yo-yo” was invented in Ancient Greece, as far back as 500BC, but it was still very popular in the 19th century, known as the bandelore. These yo-yos aren’t quite so old, but they are made of solid wood as they would have been in Sir Henry Jones’ time!

Wooden Yo-Yo
+ postage                     
What better way to remember your visit to the museum than by adding a unique magnet to your collection on the fridge door? With a choice of two pictures available, one of the distinctive clock and trestle table, the other of the cottage.

Fridge Magnet £0.50 + postage
The top has been around since anyone can remember and can be found all across the globe. Its simple action of spinning, seemingly defying gravity, for some reason entrances us as human beings. These, sturdy, painted wooden tops will do the same!

 Spinning Top    £0.50 + postage   
Need a gift for an animal lover? choose from a giraffe, a horse, a lion or an elephant. All made of painted wood.

Animal Keyring   £1.50 + postage                        
Your Animal

Made from Welsh lavender, you can use these around the house to:
-  Aid sleep by placing one under your pillow
-  Deter moths by hanging one in your wardrobe
-  Keep clothes smelling fresh by placing one in your drawer.

Lavender Bag  £0.50
+ postage                         

Everyobdy loves unwrapping a pretty gift with a touching message inside. These handmade messages are folded between two smooth tiles and stuck to a card.

Tied Messages  £2 + postage                              

Bookmark - Made from real leather, printed with a golden sketch of Y Cwm, they’re available in red, blue, green or black.

Bookmark £1 + postage  
Pencil £0.50 + postage                                         
Biro  £0.50 + postage                                              
Rubber £0.50 + postage                                          

Protect your table with a leather coaster with the museum sketched in gold on it. Available in green, blue, red, purple or black.

Coaster    £1.75 + postage                                        

Listen to Mairlyn Lewis’ enthusiastic and energetic lecture on Sir Henry Jones’ life.

CD Mairlyn Lewis - Lecture on Sir Henry Jones  £3.50
+ postage    

Skipping Rope   £2.75 + postage                            
Spend a little time relaxing while stitching patterns of traditional Welsh images

Cross-Stitch  £2 + postage   
 64 pages

Harrir’ Cwm. Adnoddau i Ysgolion Cynradd. Resources for Primary Schools.  £5
+ postage  
Yr Athro Alltud - E. Gwynn Matthews.  £12.50 + postage       
Sir Henry Jones’ recorded memories

‘Old Memories‘    £7.95 + postage   
Cardiau Algieri Cards £3.00 + postage